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Casino Secrets Unveiled by Reddit Insiders

The World of Casino Secrets on Reddit

Casinos house a plethora of secrets they'd rather keep hidden. However, thanks to Reddit's AMAs and other popular discussions, some casino insiders have divulged their tales.

Top Ten Craziest Casino Secrets

1. Slot Machines' Harmonious Trick

Have you ever wondered why the sounds of a casino, the jingles, bells, and music, blend so well amidst the noise? It's because they're all composed in the key of C major. These harmonious notes prevent conflicts, keeping players in good spirits and playing longer.

2. Gaming Without Breaks

Some players become so engrossed in the game or focused on winning that they gamble without needing restroom breaks, some even wearing adult diapers. Many leave wet seats or a mess behind, and casinos don't always clean as expected.

3. Night Shift for Speedy Dealers

Ever noticed that your money seems to last longer when gambling in the afternoon than at night? Casinos switch to faster dealers at night, increasing bets per hour to close tables faster. This speedy pace can pressure players into making hasty decisions.

4. Haunted Casinos

Reports on Reddit suggest that some customers have met their demise at casinos, whether at slot machines or gaming tables. While most are elderly, not all are. There have even been stories of patrons attempting to steal chips from the deceased before medical personnel arrive.

5. The House's Quiet Wins

It's not just the grand Las Vegas casinos that rake in substantial profits. A riverboat casino in northern Illinois can easily pocket a million dollars a week after expenses. Never underestimate how much the house can win.

6. Pre-Shuffled Decks for Efficiency

Don't get too attached to the idea of lucky cards in casinos. New decks of cards go through machines multiple times per shift. Dealers won't open fresh decks because casinos use special boxes with six pre-shuffled decks to expedite the game.

7. Smoking Bans' Costly Impact

Smoking and gambling often go hand in hand, so when most casinos banned smoking, they suffered multi-million-dollar economic losses each quarter. Some casinos reported losing as much as $20 million in a single quarter. Due to tribal law, some casinos could lift the smoking ban, but others faced significant losses.

8. Surveillance on Big Winners

Casinos are always monitoring their patrons, but when you win a substantial amount, they pay even closer attention. Surveillance may intensify when a player consistently wins $15,000 or more each time they sit down at the blackjack table.

9. Real Chips as Doodles

Counterfeiting chips is more challenging than one might think. Cashiers sometimes use real chips like crayons to doodle when they're bored, which helps them quickly identify counterfeit chips.

10. Blackjack Dealers' Card Shuffle Trick

When blackjack dealers check for blackjack, they don't actually inspect the cards. Instead, they place the cards into a peeker and rotate them based on whether they're checking for an Ace or a 10-point card. If it's not blackjack, all they see is white, making it impossible to determine the hand's value, leaving it as much a mystery to the dealer as it is to the player.

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