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888poker Returns with "Made to Learn" Episode Featuring Vivian Saliba: 5 Tips for Your Online Poker Game

888poker is back with another episode of "Made to Learn," designed to enhance your online poker experience. In this edition, their ambassador Vivian Saliba takes the spotlight, offering five simple tips you can start using immediately.

Saliba recently participated in the 2022 European World Series of Poker, where she secured sixth place in Event #4: €2,000 Pot-Limit Omaha. This marked her second WSOP final table appearance of the year, with the first one being in Las Vegas during the summer. The Brazilian player achieved an even better result in the $600 PLO Deepstack event, finishing fifth and winning $52,795.

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Give Multi-Tabling a Break

One of the first and most direct things you can do to improve your online poker game is to reduce the number of tables you play. It's easier to focus and make optimal decisions when you can truly concentrate on what's happening. Managing too many tables simultaneously can make this considerably more challenging.

Playing fewer tables can give you more time to make decisions, as you don't have to worry about juggling too many hands at once.

Play Within Your Bankroll

Winning players are those who play consistently within mathematically sound parameters. Feeling pressured due to the event you're playing can hinder your ability to make the best decisions, especially when your tournament life is on the line. Playing within your bankroll will prevent you from making overly personal decisions.

Watch for Timing Tells

One of the most easily identifiable tells in online poker is timing tells. The time your opponents take to act can provide a wealth of information. Even for straightforward decisions, pay attention to how quickly you make your move; you don't want to reveal that it's an easy choice.

Timing tells can help your opponents narrow down your range, enabling them to make wiser moves, something you'd want to avoid. So, consider your pace of play.

Mind Your Bet Sizing

If you always bet big when bluffing or value betting, your opponents will pick up on it, and the same applies if you bet too small. Being unpredictable makes it harder for your opponents. Have different bet sizes when you're seeking value or needing your opponents to fold.

Avoid Tilt

Every player wants to win every hand, but unfortunately, that's impossible. Controlling your emotions and staying composed is one of the most critical aspects of online poker. Understanding that variance exists and even our strong hands can lose sometimes makes it easier to keep a level head at the table.

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